Suggestions That Can Help You Clean Your N95 Mask

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  • 2020-07-28
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People ideally should refrain from using N95 masks over and over again. The reality is, though, that nowadays locating them can seem pretty difficult and unrealistic.

They can often cost an arm and a leg, too. If you want to protect yourself from coronavirus, COVID-19 and health concerns overall, then it may be wise to learn about suggestions that can aid you with N95 mask cleaning. If you decontaminate your mask, you may be able to use it numerous times.

Steer clear of the temptation to spray your N95 mask using liquid alcohol or aerosol. Spraying your mask using these substances may be a recipe for disaster. It can also be detrimental to wash a N95 mask using H20 that contains a high amount of soap.

What exactly makes doing these things so problematic? These options can deconstruct electrostatic charges that are crucial for tiny particle filtration. That’s how they can make these masks markedly less reliable.

If you’re passionate about safe and reliable N95 mask cleaning approaches, then you should look into the following right away:

  • 1. Rotating
  • 2. Baking
  • 3. Boiling and steaming

1. Try Rotation

Rotation may come in handy for individuals who wish to learn how to clean N95 mask options that are in front of them. Rotation can work like a charm for individuals who want to be able to clean their N95 masks in the comfort of their own residences.

How exactly does it work? It’s easy. It can help to have several N95 masks on hand. That’s because it enables them to “relax” for a minimum of three full days prior to going out in public again.

The coronavirus generally should not remain intact for three days plus in a setting that’s not conducive to flourishing. People have to consider one thing, though. If you opt for rotation, then you have to own a minimum of four N95 masks.

2. Test Out Baking

Baking is another easy and straightforward strategy for people who want to learn how to

clean N95 mask options well. This strategy is optimal for folks who have spare ovens on hand. People who don’t have additional ovens may be susceptible to contaminating their primary ones.

If you want to keep your N95 mask clean and reliable, then you can heat it in an oven for roughly half an hour total. You can do so at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This can help thoroughly do away with any and all traces of contamination.

3. Go for Boiling and Steaming

Boiling and steaming are two other strategies that can help people who want to figure out how to clean N95 mask offerings in exhaustive ways. You can soak an N95 mask in a steam of 260 degrees Fahrenheit, first of all. You can also opt to boil water for a total of three full minutes.

These things can disinfect N95 masks. Although they can disinfect them, they do not minimize their filtration abilities in meaningful ways. If you want your mask’s filtration to remain strong, then boiling and steaming actions may both be suitable pathways for you. If you opt for boiling, you should refrain from blending too much.

Think about the materials that make up your N95 mask as well. If you own N95 masks that are equipped with paper components on their interiors and exteriors, then you should say no to boiling and steaming approaches alike.

Boiling and steaming may lead to the deterioration of the paper elements, and that’s the last thing you want.



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