The Dynamic Epidemic Around The Home And Abroad

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  • 2022-02-25
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The Spring Festival migration tide has just passed, and the epidemic has rebounded to varying degrees. As the new semester is about to begin in all provinces, the outbreak may affect the normal start of the new semester, and areas experiencing a rebound have further upgraded epidemic prevention and control measures.


The Omicron variant appears

Guangzhou outbreak at a news conference, guangzhou center for disease control and prevention said a guangzhou cases diagnosed with Mr Mick Dijon variant co 2 strain, according to the propagation speed, speed variation than Mr Mick Dijon enhanced thirty percent, can be in a very short period of time for many generations, the guangzhou city to carry out the population screening policy in 24 hours, in addition to time close contacts, If the health code changes to yellow, one must stay in home quarantine for one week. After three negative nucleic acid tests during the period, one can be released from quarantine. However, Wearing protective face mask is of paramount important things the government call citiziens to do.


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After being released from quarantine, one must still take a health test for seven days, indicating that the virus has spread at home. At present, nucleic acid screening is particularly important in Guangzhou. Those who receive nucleic acid testing information from relevant departments or have special symptoms should go to hospitals for nucleic acid testing, cooperate with epidemic prevention departments for isolation, and report to the community. The cooperation of the public will be an important factor for the victory of guangzhou epidemic.


At present, all parts of the country are actively responding to the epidemic. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the epidemic areas should strengthen screening and nucleic acid testing, which is bound to eliminate the virus in the shortest time, adhere to the dynamic zero-out policy, and win the battle of the rebound of the epidemic.


No outbreak area to staff control, reduce the flow of people, especially to avoid travel to affected areas, outbreaks in fact around the country can query in the small program under the State Council, people do my protective measures before travel, understand the origin and destination epidemic prevention and control policy, prepared to travel in advance, to avoid unnecessary trouble journey. The government encourages people not to leave their cities unless necessary, let alone travel abroad, not to participate in mass gatherings, wear protective masks when going out, and not to stay in public places where there are many people. 

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