The epidemic is breaking out again in my city

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  • 2021-12-20
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We appeal to the whole society, dongguan's epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical period, please actively respond to the "all people wear masks" action! The most important measure to prevent the spread of the epidemic is to wear masks. This is one of the most important and effective prevention and control measures against infectious diseases and can effectively reduce the risk of infection with novel coronavirus. Wearing a mask is not only an effective measure to protect yourself from infection, but also an effective measure to protect those around you when you have respiratory symptoms. It is like setting a "filter barrier" for your respiratory system.

The city's education system should fully understand the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in Dongguan, strengthen organization and leadership, and fulfill the responsibility of prevention and control. Urban and municipal education administrative departments and schools at all levels should immediately enter a state of readiness, fully mobilize resources from all sides, and effectively put the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control into every school and every post. They should act quickly, race against time, and implement all work measures in place.

Schools at all levels and of all types are required to improve campus epidemic prevention and control plans and emergency response plans, formulate school work plans for control, containment and prevention areas, clarify responsible persons and operating procedures in each link, and do a good job in simulation. In the event of an outbreak, promptly activate the plan.

Asked the city's education system to full screen, accurate grasp the faculty, students, parents of students for epidemic situation, completes the traffic control, control and prevention under the condition of the campus education teaching arrangement, strengthen the contact, the contact of communication between teachers and students, calm and psychological persuation and life service support, and doing a good job DaLang town boarding students' living arrangements; Teachers, students and staff should strengthen travel management, wear masks, gather less and move less, and do not leave dongguan or go out of province when it is not necessary. We should combine the actual situation to do a good job of epidemic prevention materials reserve, ensure the school supplies, good canteen food safety; Xi called for all-out efforts in epidemic prevention and control, including the entrance examination for postgraduate students.

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