The Expectations For The End of The Epidemic

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  • 2022-03-01
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In the two years since the outbreak, the novel coronavirus has changed several times, each time becoming more and more infectious. Since the development of a vaccine, the novel coronavirus has become substantially less harmful to humans, until the onset of the common cold symptoms in omicron.

Novel coronavirus antibody levels in human bodies have been significantly improved. Although the current vaccine's defense against omicron infection has decreased, it can significantly reduce the severe disease rate and mortality rate of Omicron, which is a new hope for human beings. According to medical staff observation, after infection with Omicron, the infected person showed mild symptoms, like cold, cough and fever, but did not show life-threatening symptoms. Vaccination rates are rising in countries around the world, even in poor countries that have received aid from other countries.

The current western mainstream strain is still the gram si, in the current form Mr Mick Dijon just let paralyzed western medical power, does not cause a large number of death, many western countries have been confirmed case of a continuous downward trend, it represents the Mick Dijon has brought about by the outbreak of orgasm in the past, the following countries only need to insist on the prevention and control policies calm good people, I can move on from omicron. However, omicron has now appeared in animals, which means that animals can provide a perfect environment for omicron to mutate again. People should not relax their vigilance on epidemic prevention and control, and they still need to do a good job of self-protection in daily life, as the COVID-19 epidemic is not over yet.

According to actual situation, epidemic prevention focus on the current health of young people won't be after vaccination will be coronavirus too much of a threat, but some not vaccinated people need to be pay attention to, especially the elderly, children and patients with special diseases, they will be coronavirus resistance is weak, if not careful infection will be coronavirus consequences, The epidemic prevention authorities should pay special attention to these types of people. In the future, novel Coronavirus may coexist with human beings for a long time as the trend of COVID-19 is also called a pandemic.  

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