The flu of fall

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  • 2020-09-24
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Influenza, abbreviation flu, it is the acute respiratory tract infection that causes by flu virus, incidence of a disease is taller, infectivity is strong, spread speed is fast, easy cause fulgent epidemic or pandemic, its main symptom is performance is snuffle, systemic lack of power, have a fever.Because influenza is a viral infection, the virus changes quickly, there is no specific treatment, so preventive measures are very important.

The main characteristic of influenza is that it appears in groups and can cause a regional or national pandemic.Schools, work units, nursing homes and other places are prone to influenza outbreaks, especially in schools such as kindergarten, primary school, often a class of students will collectively appear the same cold symptoms.


1 . Maintain good personal and environmental hygiene.

2. Wash your hands frequently, using soap or liquid soap and running water, and do not wipe your hands with a dirty towel.

3. Wash hands immediately after hand contact with respiratory secretions (e.g. after sneezing) with influenza hand wipes. 

4. Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or tissue when sneezing or coughing to prevent droplets from contaminating others.

5.  People with influenza should   wear  a mask when they are at home or outside to avoid infecting others.


6. Getting a flu vaccine before the flu season can also reduce the chance of infection or reduce flu symptoms.

7. Exercise, bask in the sun more, in the outdoor appropriate activity, improve disease resistance.

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