The standard for technical specification of masks for kids

  • 2022-01-11
  • 1612

The national standard for the technical specification of children's masks has been officially released, marking that the production of medical and non-medical masks for children can no longer use the standard of adult masks!

The Technical Specification for Children's Masks recommends national standards that specify the basic requirements, appearance quality and testing methods for masks for children aged 6 to 14.

Protection performance Requirements

For the protective performance of children's masks, the NATIONAL standard puts forward four requirements:

1. The filtering efficiency of particulate matter should not be less than 95% for children's protective masks

2, the protection effect is not less than 90%

3. The filtering efficiency of particulate matter should not be less than 90% for children's health masks

4, bacteria filtration efficiency is not less than 95%. 

Comfort requirements

In terms of comfort performance, three requirements are put forward in the NATIONAL standard considering the breathing characteristics of children at the stage of physiological development:

1. Children's protective masks require that the expiratory resistance and inspiratory resistance should not be higher than 45Pa

2. Ventilation resistance of children's health masks should not be higher than 30Pa

3. In terms of the comfort of wearing masks, the standard recommends the use of adjustable mask belts

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