Twenty-eight provinces on the Chinese mainland have been affected

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  • 2022-04-06
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At present, the mainland of China has a high incidence of local epidemic, densely populated and closed waiting rooms and trains are easy to become carriers of transmission, travellers must take good precautions. In particular, after getting on and off the train and going to the toilet, we should timely do hand disinfection, try not to take off the mask on the train to eat and drink. If we really need to eat and drink, it is best to choose to eat and drink quickly without others.

Although China has made great contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic and achieved great results, it is clear that the COVID-19 crisis has not been eliminated, especially with the emergence of a mutant strain of THE novel coronavirus, the global epidemic situation has become more serious.

Therefore, it may take some time for China to completely realize the "zero". Especially in the current outbreak of the epidemic in China is more obvious, and a period of time before much more severe.

At this time will be the occurrence of coronavirus, I think mainly in will be coronavirus on prevention and control, the main prevention and control will be the focus of coronavirus, key task in the city, and that city personnel flow dense and complex, the countryside is not mobility complex concentrated place, especially for rural farmers will be coronavirus insufficient understanding on the prevention and control, go out most people don't wear a face mask, For the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. The main reason for the outbreak of novel Coronavirus in China is that the gate for entry of foreign carriers of the virus is not strictly closed and the imported products contain novel coronavirus. It is safe to say that if the Novel Coronavirus pandemic had not arrived in our country from abroad, our country would have been perfectly capable of keeping the novel Coronavirus pandemic out of our country completely. Only by thoroughly and firmly closing the door for imported goods and all incoming persons can we truly ensure that the novel coronavirus outbreak will not recur in our country.

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