University of Alberta and Local Non-Profit Develop Respirator Similar to N95

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  • 2021-02-04
  • 1912

ACAMP, a non-profit organization in Alberta, Canada, collaborated with the University of Alberta to develop a respirator that is an effective alternative to N95 respirators. Their A95 respirator was tested by an engineering team at the University of Alberta and demonstrated a filtration efficiency equal to that of N95 respirators.

The A95 respirator consists of a polyurethane or polypropylene frame with a changeable filter. The polyurethane version is softer and available in multiple colors, while the polypropylene version is slightly more rigid. The polyurethane and polypropylene models sell on ACAMP’s website fore filtration , respectively. Both have N95-lik efficiency and strap around the back of the head rather than behind the ears.

The A95 respirator is reusable, according to the company, and maintains its efficiency after handwashing or heating in a low temperature oven. The company suggests changing filters every 5 washes and sells a 3-pack of filters .The device is produced in facilities in Edmonton and Calgary and it is patent pending.

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