We will further strengthen COVID prevention and control

  • 2021-07-21
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Traffic epidemic prevention and control measures, highways, railways, civil aviation, ports and docks and other transportation stations should strengthen passenger flow guidance, avoid the gathering of people, carefully check passenger information, implement the requirements of wearing masks, temperature testing, code checking and other requirements; All kinds of public transportation, taxis and online taxi hailing vehicles should implement the prevention and control requirements such as wearing masks, temperature testing, code checking, prohibiting people with red and yellow code from taking the bus, ventilation and disinfection, and taking good care of personal protection of staff.

Actively cooperate with the nucleic acid detection, based on the epidemic situation development, zhuhai will timely for expanding the scope of the nucleic acid detection, please citizens masses according to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, actively cooperate with, to ensure that applicants should do inspection, one does not leak, and abide by the testing point of the scene order, implement the prevention and control measures such as wearing a mask and keep more than one meter distance.

All kinds of gathering activities should be controlled. Meetings, training and activities should be held online, while large-scale offline activities should be minimized. If necessary, the number of people should be controlled and various epidemic prevention and control measures should be implemented in accordance with the principle of "whoever holds the meeting should be held responsible". All kinds of public places in the middle and high risk areas and the closed and controlled areas will be closed immediately unless necessary. Prevention and control measures such as booking, peak shift, temperature measurement, code checking and wearing masks will be implemented in other indoor public places. The business of closed entertainment places will be suspended.

Personal protection measures, adhere to wear a mask, wash hands frequently, often clean, use chopsticks and other good habits, cough, sneezing pay attention to cover, indoor ventilation, reduce aggregation, maintain a social distance of more than one meter. Each citizen, self health monitoring on a daily basis, fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste), sleep loss, the symptoms such as diarrhea, immediately to the nearest (office) of the medical institution has a fever clinic visits, truthfully inform history of epidemiology, clinic to do well in the process of personal protective measures, such as wearing masks to avoid access to public transportation. Members of the public who are eligible and have not received the Novel Coronavirus vaccine should be proactive in getting it as soon as possible.

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