Wear Face mask To Prevent Pollen Allergies

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  • 2021-10-27
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During catkin flying, allergic patients will have nasal allergy symptoms, it is recommended to implement preventive drug treatment. People who are allergic to pollen can choose to use anti-allergy medications two weeks before the onset of the pollen season, which can delay the onset of symptoms or reduce symptoms during an allergy attack. These medications can be used until the end of the pollen season, including the whole process of prevention and treatment.


During the epidemic prevention and control period, it is necessary to wear 3 ply face mask when going out, whether in case of novel coronavirus or willow catkin allergy. Disposable protective masks can play a protective role, and try not to wear coats made of catkins that are easily adhered to. Wash your hands after going out, clean your nose and face at the same time, and clean the catkins on your coat in time. Outdoor exercise as far as possible to choose less catkin time, such as early morning, night or after the rain.


Willow catkins peak period to reduce window time as far as possible, timely cleaning or water spray wet indoor flying catkins, especially attached to the surface of heating appliances such as electric heaters and furniture and floor surface flying catkins, indoor vacuum cleaner cleaning in time. Do not dry clothes outdoors to prevent flying catkins from sticking. Clean the interior of the car regularly and clean up catkins and dust in time.


The daily diet is mainly light, drink more water, eat more fruits, vegetables and other food, eat less spicy food, such as mutton, sweets, wine and so on. Spring climate is dry, easy to cause irritation, pay attention to adjust your mood, maintain a healthy and peaceful state of mind.

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