What Cause The New Outbreak of Pandemic ?

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  • 2022-02-18
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The outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong was mainly caused by external factors. Before the outbreak, Hong Kong's overall epidemic prevention work was still quite good. Residents also actively cooperate with the government to vaccinate, and most residents wear masks when traveling. Although vaccines are effective in preventing human infection, the Novel Coronavirus has been evolving for two years now. A new strain, omicron, is several times more infectious than the previous strain, and the vaccine was not effective against infection. And Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, and a lot of migrants pass through every day, so that brings this new strain, which is the main cause of this outbreak in Hong Kong. In addition, it was during the Spring Festival, and the phenomenon of crowd gathering was serious, which was also one of the reasons for so many cases.


The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global problem, going from an outbreak in a few countries to a global epidemic in just a few months. The rate of spread is a measure of how contagious the virus is. Although the fatality rate of the virus is not high, it has caused many deaths due to differences in medical care and quarantine policies in different countries. So now all countries in the world are on the front line of epidemic prevention. China is undoubtedly the most successful country in COVID-19 prevention and control. Although the epidemic spread quickly in China in the early stage, the epidemic was brought under control in a short period of time by the government's forceful measures to shut down cities and the active cooperation of the Chinese people.


The current cases in China are mostly transmitted by imported people, but they are all under control. Although the overall trend of the epidemic in China is good, some cities still have a certain scale of the outbreak. Hong Kong, for one, saw thousands more confirmed cases in a single day on Feb. 9。

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