What Determines The Life of Disposable Protective Mask?

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  • 2021-10-27
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The life cycle of a mask usually refers to the time from the date of manufacture to the customer's use. With the growing concern about the storage of masks, many friends are increasingly concerned about the storage conditions and shelf life of masks. We hope this article will introduce some simple and good practices for appropriately increasing storage, inventory turnover and inventory management. Masks also have a shelf life, ranging from 12 months to five years, depending on how they are stored. Disposable protective masks usually last about three years; KN95 face mask usually lasts about five years. 


First, when the mask is stored in the following conditions and in the original package, it can be used until the date specified on the package, up to 5 years of shelf life.

1. Masks should be stored in their original packaging.

2. Stay away from contaminated areas.

3. Stay away from dust, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Store in original packaging at temperatures between -4° C and +30°C.

4, keep away from excessive moisture and harmful chemicals, and the relative humidity does not exceed 80%.


Second, how to determine the life span of masks? How to check whether the mask is still usable. Should it be discarded after expiration?


Check equipment at least once a year. If the mask is still flexible without cracks and the airbag is fully capable of airtight sealing the face, it is still a good mask. If you come across a mask without expiration date information, check the production date to determine when the product can be used efficiently. In any event, disposal shall be carried out after the expiry of the specified use date.

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