What is a KF94 mask like?

  • 2021-03-30
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While the world population receives vaccines against COVID-19 as a hope to end the pandemic, the use of masks continues to be a key preventive measure against infections. However, there are still doubts derived from the wide variety of face masks that are on the market. One of the least known, but increasingly visible, are the KF94 masks, the Korean version of the Chinese FFP2 or KN95 or American N95 masks.

If we look at the nomenclature of these masks, the KF stands for Korean filter and 94 indicates the percentage of dust particles, viruses or other substances with an average size of 0.4 μm that will be blocked. Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about the characteristics and uses of this mask.

What is a KF94 mask like?

The first thing that stands out about this mask is its shape, similar to the union between a FFP2 and a surgical one. Its grip is to the ears by means of a rubber and it is characterized by having a beak structure like the KN95 and on it a horizontal band promises to improve the fit and filtration, reminiscent of surgical ones. This protective mask has four layers and a metal nose clip for a better fit.

The KF94s are disposable, so there is no way to reuse them and their duration is similar to the FFP2s, although the manufacturer's labeling must be followed. Of course, it cannot be washed or disinfected in any way, doing so could damage the fabric and lose its filtering capacity, leaving you unprotected against the virus. Its price is around 2 euros, so in this it also resembles the FFP2。

Uses of KF94 masks

The Spanish health authorities have always recommended the use of surgical masks against COVID-19 to the population, insisting that its effectiveness lies in all of us wearing it, as it must be remembered that this mask protects others, and only one from the largest droplets. However, with the appearance of the new strains and the arrival of the pollen season, many have decided to start using the FFP2 masks, a model that has a higher degree of protection and a better fit, provided that a good use of it.

How to buy KF94 masks

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the counterfeits of these masks, which could leave the person exposed to the virus. To avoid this, the main thing is to buy them in establishments such as pharmacies or supermarkets and pay close attention to their labeling.  Learn more  at:   https://img.connexions-tech.com/product/detail/4ply-Fish-Shaped-Nanometer-Protective-Mask.html

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