What is the current situation of the epidemic?

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  • 2021-12-31
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How to better control the epidemic?

First, the epidemic areas should continue to strictly implement all normal prevention and control measures, strengthen tracing of the source of the epidemic, nucleic acid screening, centralized isolation and community control, limit the outflow of people and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Second, relevant provinces should step up screening of people at risk, implement health monitoring and nucleic acid screening measures to detect potential infections in a timely manner and avoid new outbreaks.

Third, we need to guide local governments to conduct comprehensive screening of loopholes in the prevention and control of port cities, airports, ports, designated hospitals, centralized isolation sites and other high-risk places, and promptly take corrective measures to avoid new imported cases.

Fourth, the epidemic should be brought under control as soon as possible by strengthening publicity and education, accelerating vaccination, and encouraging people to take good personal protection, such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, "one meter noodles" and reducing gathering.

Why vaccinate 12- to 17-year-olds against COVID-19?

At the early stage, people may think that the incidence and prevalence rate of COVID-19 among children is not high. However, as the epidemic continues to spread, especially in some countries with serious epidemic, the incidence rate of COVID-19 among children is increasing.

In the past, we thought the symptoms were mild, but now we find that as more and more children get sick, some of them are seriously ill and some of them have died.

Whether adults or children, as long as the virus is infected, it is a source of infection. From the perspective of infection source control, children should also be strengthened management.

Now, whether it's to control the source of infection or to cut off the route of transmission, in most countries, the disease is not under control, and in the future we expect to establish herd immunity, and children will be an integral part of that process through vaccination.

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