What kind of mask should you wear

  • 2020-11-20
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Relevant background
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a novel virus that can cause respiratory diseases and can be transmitted from person to person.Masks and respirators are used
Contact between respiratory droplets and aerosols provides a physical barrier.Use masks properly and take other precautions, such as washing your hands and keeping a social distance
Doing so can reduce the risk of SARS-COV-2 transmission leading to coVID-19 infection.
What kind of masks do you have?
There are several different types of masks, each with its own purpose:
• Homemade masks - Homemade masks are designed to prevent coughing and sneezing and prevent the disease from spreading to others.When people are unable to maintain a social distance, suggest
The general public USES this.If you cough or sneeze, use public transportation or go shopping as well as work for important companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies
Please use these masks when doing so.Clean the self-made mask or cloth mask after each use. Do not wear it when it is damp.
• Surgical masks - Surgical masks are designed for health care workers to prevent transmission of the virus aerosol by the wearer.Health care providers are recommended at a time or more
Use the mask during secondary patient interactions or routine health procedures.Surgical masks are also recommended if N95 masks are not available.The ideal situation
Next, it should be discarded after each meeting with the patient.Longer use time is preferable to longer use time.Both are important and feasible when supply is limited
• N95 respirators -N95 respirators are designed for health care workers in high-risk situations to protect the wearer from air fog and flying
Damage by splash, spray, or blood.Health care providers are advised to perform procedures that may make them most vulnerable to virus infection
To use.Ideally, they should be discarded after each meeting.Longer use time is preferable to longer use time.When supply is limited, both are
Important and viable options.

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