What's the difference between an activated carbon mask and a normal protective mask ?

  • 2021-07-05
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   Activated carbon masks are different from normal masks mainly in material and structure. Activated carbon masks are better in filtering haze, odor and other aspects.

Activated charcoal masks are masks that use activated carbon as a filter material, and disposable masks are just two layers of gauze masks.

Structurally, the activated carbon mask has three layers, while the ordinary mask has two layers. The activated carbon mask has one more activated carbon filter layer than thee carbon masks can be divided into non-woven activated carbon masks, gauze activated carbon masks, cotton activated carbon masks and so on, with various types.

Activated carbon mask has a good filtering effect on formaldehyde and other toxic gases, pungent smell, automobile exhaust, etc., but the isolation effect for viruses is not good.

These masks can effectively isolate the virus in daily life: medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and general medical masks.

Of the three kinds of masks, the medical protective mask is the best in isolation, while the general medical mask is the worst in isolation.

When we wear a mask, we must put the dark side outwards and the hard strip on it, so the mask is divided into positive, negative and upper and lower parts.


1. There are shaping strips on the nose bridge of the upper end of the mask. When wearing, knead the shaping aluminum strips to the nose bridge. But this article does not recommend frequent folding, in order to prolong the use of time.

2. In the process of wearing the mask, it is best not to repeatedly remove the mask, which will affect the seal of the mask and the pollution inside the mask.

3. It is recommended to change it once every four hours during an extraordinary period or bad environment, and it can be used once (such as strong epidemic and strong pollution).

4. The structure of disposable activated carbon mask is consistent inside and outside. It can be used for anti-inhalation and anti-exhalation, but it is forbidden to be used in carbon monoxide gas.

5. Special attention should be paid to the use of disposable activated carbon masks not in places with high concentrations of toxic chemical gases or closed and unventilated places.

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