What should we do when the outbreak again ?

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  • 2021-12-22
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In order to reduce the flow of people, prevent the spread of the epidemic, find all the infected people in the shortest possible time, and stop the further development of the epidemic, we continued to strictly implement the temporary control of traffic in Dongguan and strictly manage the closed control area in Dongguan. It is hoped that people living in areas where centralized isolation, home isolation measures and control measures are implemented must strictly abide by the control requirements and actively cooperate with health monitoring. Among them, the containment area implements "area closed, stay indoors", the control area implements "people do not leave the area, strictly prohibit gathering, stay at home in principle", and the prevention area implements "strengthen social meeting control, strictly restrict people gathering".

Dongguan's epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical period. Please respond positively to the action of "all people wear masks"! The most important measure to prevent the spread of the epidemic is to wear masks. This is one of the most important and effective prevention and control measures against infectious diseases and can effectively reduce the risk of infection with novel coronavirus. Wearing a mask is not only an effective measure to protect yourself from infection, but also an effective measure to protect those around you when you have respiratory symptoms. It is like setting a "filter barrier" for your respiratory system.

In addition, all the city's public places, must be checked, "a check yue Kang code, two check body temperature, three check wearing masks." At the same time, all citizens should refrain from gathering, maintain a social distance of more than one meter, take effective personal protection measures, and cooperate with prevention and control measures.

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