What we can do to end the pandemic, except the vaccine

  • 2021-05-26
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        As summer approaches,Infections continue to plummet, hospitalizations are down, and roughly half the adult population has received at least one vaccine dose. Whether all of that means the end of the pandemic is in sight is the big question. Many experts now believe herd immunity is not possible. However, a return to relative normalcy is.

1. A clearer understanding of how long immunity lasts

We need information on how long these vaccines are going to remain effective,And if and when we need to get booster shots.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2. Expanded genetic sequencing         

 Even though COVID-19 breakthrough cases among fully vaccinated people are rare, closely tracking those cases would help alert researchers and public health officials quickly if there is a more concerning variant on the rise.  

3. Fast (and at-home!) testing

At this point, however, at-home testing kits have limitations, and tests are generally best when administered by a trained health care professional who can really get a good swab.

4. Expanded treatment options

And clinicians now understand much more about how to keep the virus from spreading throughout the body of infected individuals through the use of antiviral medications. But research into additional treatment options, which is ongoing, is necessary.

These measures and changes may not be able to stop the coronavirus altogether, but they should help us get back to a pretty normal life when layered on top of widespread vaccination.

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