When you still have to wear a mask

  • 2021-05-21
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When vaccinated Californians can take off their masks

If you're fully vaccinated -- that means it's been two weeks since your second dose or your one shot -- you actually don't have to wear your mask every time you're out in public . Pretty much anytime you're outdoors, you can be mask-free. The only exception is crowded settings, like music festivals, parades or sporting events.

That means if you are walking, bicycling, running, standing or otherwise exercising outdoors, you no longer have to wear a mask. Vaccinated people can also take off masks while outdoor dining, even with friends and family from different households. (Be nice and follow the restaurant's recommendations if they differ.)

You also don't have to wear a mask while at many social gatherings. If everyone attending is fully vaccinated, then masks aren't needed indoors or outdoors.

When unvaccinated Californians can take off their masks

Unvaccinated Californians, for the time being, can only take off their masks in public when they're outside and can maintain 6 feet of distance with others. If you're exercising or walking outside by yourself, you can take the mask off when no one else is around. In pretty much every other scenario, however, that face covering is still necessary while out and about.

Starting June 15, California will align with the new CDC guidance on mask wearing. That means fully vaccinated people will be allowed to do pretty much everything they were doing before the pandemic without needing to wear a mask. That includes grocery shopping, going to the gym, drinking at a bar, seeing a movie or going to church.

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