Whether the United States accepts KN95 and other Chinese standard masks ?

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  • 2021-10-22
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         At the beginning of the month, many foreign trade enterprises have received customer orders cancelled, suspended notice, and some completed orders were asked to delay shipment. Exports fell 15.9 per cent in February. According to Hugo, orders of more than 93% foreign trade enterprises decreased compared with last year, and 55% of them, Dingshan, saw a decline of more than 50%. Orders of shoes, clothing, bags and outdoor sports were hit hard, especially in The European and American markets.

So in the global outbreak of such a climate, various enterprises are also received a lot of impact, and at present the United States to the needs of the masks and other protective equipment is to save a flaw in the enterprise crisis, enterprises can in time to produce masks, detergent, hand sanitizer and epidemic prevention protection articles to increase profits, to cover cash flow, ensure employees risk problem of employment and business failures. This is not only a help to the global fight against the virus, but also an opportunity for China and Chinese enterprises to show their style and national character, as well as a good opportunity to expand the market.

The Chinese standard GB 2626-2006 mask has the same performance requirements with the US FDA medical mask certification, but there are some differences.

According to The Chinese Standard GB 2626-2006, the filtration efficiency of KN95 and KN100 detected by sodium chloride particles is ≥95% and ≥99.97%, respectively. The filtration efficiency of KP95 and KP100 detected by oil particles is ≥95% and ≥99.97%, respectively. These standards are the same as American NIOSH standards.

In addition to filtering efficiency of particulate matter, hemodialysis index was added to the performance index of FDA registered medical masks provided by a testing institution.

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