Why is it so hard to get Americans to wear masks?

  • 2021-08-11
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The COVID-19 outbreak has begun to spread around the world, and the WORLD Health Organization has labeled it a "pandemic." Many people wonder why americans still don't love masks for prevention even though the epidemic is so serious.  

For days, China now has only a few dozen new cases, including a number imported from abroad. On the other hand, Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany and other countries are seeing thousands of new cases every day, and the NUMBER of new cases in the United States is close to a thousand.

Obviously, while the domestic epidemic has been basically under control, the foreign epidemic is increasingly serious. Many people have noticed a problem, europeans and Americans do not love masks!  Some people speculate that it is because people in Europe and the United States do not wear masks that the epidemic is spreading seriously in Europe and the United States.

In fact, the origin of masks can be traced back to Europe. 

Today, due to air pollution and haze, even if there is no epidemic, Chinese people are more accustomed to wearing masks, and when the epidemic occurs, it is easier to accept the operation of wearing masks.

On the contrary, after the invention of antibiotics, Europe and the United States did not appear for a long time the plague spread by droplets, people have been used to not wearing masks, there is no mass base to wear masks, many people still have a beard, wearing masks is not convenient, these are not good for the promotion of wearing masks.

Even in hospitals, due to the limited effect of wearing masks against germs, medical staff generally do not have the habit of wearing masks.

If the fight against COVID-19 is a protracted one, we cannot expect everyone to wear veils and scarves to parties from now on.

Finally, at this time of the epidemic, scientific epidemic prevention is very important.

No matter at home or in Europe or the United States, at this stage, I hope everyone can keep the habit of washing hands frequently and getting together less. If necessary, it is better to wear a mask. To protect yourself is also to protect others. Let us hope for an early end to the global epidemic. 

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