Why is the epidemic so serious in 2022

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  • 2022-04-02
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Given the grim situation of the global epidemic, It is difficult for China to stay immune. It is imperative to prevent and control imported cases from abroad, and at the same time, all localities should do their best to prevent and control cases.

The epidemic abroad is still spreading under the influence of social, economic, political, ideological and customs factors. At home, under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, a decisive victory has been achieved in epidemic prevention and control. Thorough arrangements have been made for the next stage of epidemic prevention and control. However, affected by foreign epidemic and weather factors, there are local outbreaks in some provinces. The reason is : 

First, the epidemic situation abroad is not optimistic, and China is closely connected with the world economy. Facing the impact of the epidemic on the national economy, China's economy is now more closely connected with the world economy.

Second: the outbreak rebounded several times, coupled with the national nucleic acid, the emergence of an epidemic requires several national nucleic acid, and the national nucleic acid queuing is not standardized, because there are many residents, less maintenance of order, prone to cross infection, and easy to give people tired and tired psychology;

Third, the epidemic is most likely to occur in the student population. Students in school are relatively concentrated and densely populated, and the frequency of person-to-person contact increases, which greatly increases the risk of infection.

Fourth: the virus adapates to the low temperature and dry environment in winter and can survive in the environment for a long time. According to the recent epidemic reports in various places, the medium and high risks are mainly concentrated in the north.

For places without the epidemic, the best way to travel is to drive. If you use public transport, be sure to take personal precautions, such as wearing a mask, keeping hands clean and maintaining social distancing.

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