Will there be a big outbreak this autumn and winter?

  • Sat, 17 Oct 2020 10:12:49 GMT
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           How likely is the second wave of the epidemic in China this fall and winter?When will it happen?On this hot issue, renmin university of China health reform to health research center director Wang Hufeng times reporter said I don't think this autumn and winter home have a massive outbreaks, though comprehensive epidemic trends both at home and abroad, from now on to the next spring is a risk increasing process, the situation of global risk has no signs of abating current control strategy is robust, will also improve although the fall winter season is all sorts of respiratory infectious diseases, but the domestic new large-scale outbreak is unlikely Wang Hufeng professor to nutrilite health times reporter added   .

       He said domestic outbreak early emergency disposal has a set of effective methods such as to contact infection prevention and control of the treatment has a mature plan and deployment and to prepare more timely, is scientific and effective even so, at any time the possibility of more local outbreak is some, such as the outbreak of Qingdao  .

       Should be ready to ready to deal with another two months to the pathogenesis of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the new champions league first period and as at the end of the great migration population, prevention and control pressure during Spring Festival, December to the Spring Festival is the local outbreak of small-scale high-risk node Wang Hufeng professor remind: the domestic coastal border citiesAn area with a special location in a densely populated area;Places where vulnerable people are concentrated, such as nursing homes and hospitals, and places with weak protection, are high-risk areas prone to local outbreaks. Therefore, epidemic prevention management must be strengthened.Individual residents should be prepared for long-term protection to safely survive the epidemic season.

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