Will there be another pandemic outbreak?

  • 2021-08-03
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       As we all know, a novel coronavirus outbreak in the beginning of 2020 swept across the world at a rapid speed and has not completely faded up to now. Who knew that after a year and a half, when THE COVID-19 epidemic had become normal, the Delta mutant suddenly came.  The new round of COVID-19 has affected 14 provinces in China, and more than 300 new domestic cases have been reported in total. In addition, the main transmission virus of this round of epidemic is the delta mutant strain, which has the characteristics of fast transmission, fast replication in vivo, and long time to turn negative.

     Once infected, patients develop symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, stuffy, runny nose, sore throat, decreased smell and taste, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea. Compared with the fever and cough of the Novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia outbreak, this delta variant of the virus appears to be stronger and harder to fight.

      So, seeing such a grim situation, many people can not help but ask, this novel coronavirus is not over yet, and the Delta mutant strain is coming again, will the outbreak be large-scale again? In fact, the official response to this question is that the various strains of the vaccine are still under control, and there is no real environment for large-scale outbreaks.

As mentioned above, the current Delta variant is different from the Novel coronavirus, it is still a coronavirus, and it is still within the control of our vaccine. Although no vaccine can prevent infection 100 percent, but overall, our vaccine prevention rate is in the high 90 percent, close to 100 percent.The Delta variant poses a greater challenge to our containment efforts, but we do not have a realistic environment for a large-scale outbreak in China because our existing protective measures are in place and we are leading the world in vaccination.

Despite the current environment there is no likehood of epidemic outbreaks again, but the current epidemic situation is still grim and complex, the normalized control must not relax, everyone has to keep personal protective consciousness, support the prevention and control measures, active immunization will be coronavirus vaccine, establish universal immune barrier, wearing a mask , protect the security of the individual and family.  

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