Will We Have To Wear Face Masks For Years?

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  • 2021-09-02
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It goes without saying the importance of wearing disposable face masks in current world. This is the second outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide.Take the United States as an example. In the summer, the number of new cases in the United States per day was about 20,000 to 40,000.A lot. Horrible, but nothing compared to what America has today.The number of newly confirmed cases in the United States has reached nearly 200,000 per day.Is not accumulative diagnosis, is daily new diagnosis! Compared to the summer, the epidemic spread five to 10 times faster in the United States. While the epidemic has suddenly intensified, more and more people in China are constantly taking off their face masks, because its strict anti-virus measures which has got greatly success. The longer it is safe, the more people take masks off. 


In fact, when you look at the United States, which has nearly 200,000 new cases, and almost every country in the world, you get an idea of how difficult it is to get rid of the virus within our borders.Especially for a big country like China.We must not take the results of our efforts for granted.In this influenza season, the Novel Coronavirus, also a respiratory disease, has followed suit. Therefore, we should preparen some face masks for protection. As the severity of the global epidemic surges, China, as a world trading power, is inevitably affected.The number of imported viruses has increased several times, and the transmission of domestic viruses has become several times easier.Combined with these two factors, the novel coronavirus epidemic, which has been eradicated in China for a long time, is finally showing a trend of rising.Locally confirmed cases, a long-lost term, are starting to pop up.There have been locally confirmed cases in Tianjin, Xinjiang and even in core cities like Shanghai.Instead of imported cases, local Chinese were infected. 


We all know what a great price China has paid to eliminate the Novel Coronavirus in its country.We've sacrificed so much to get where we are today.In the fall and winter, the epidemic broke out again, but the number of daily new cases in the United States soared from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.China, on the other hand, went from zero to single digits.But if we do not pay attention, this good epidemic prevention overall situation, will be destroyed.And in this season, when there is a high incidence of colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses, even if there is no coronavirus, there is no harm in wearing 3 layer surgical masks. we believe that only people in the world do their best protection ways to keep from the virus, can we take off the face mask some day !

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