With repeated outbreaks in China, mask wearing has become routine

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  • 2021-12-15
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The public attaches great importance to hygiene habits and insists on wearing masks and washing hands frequently to cut off the way of "diseases entering through the mouth" and "diseases entering through the hands". In particular, insist on wearing masks, can prevent influenza, chickenpox, mumps and other diseases transmitted by respiratory droplets, reduce the risk of infection; It can also help allergic citizens prevent the inhalation of allergens such as pollen and dust mites. These good habits are worth maintaining for a long time.

In response to changes in the epidemic situation in China, station offices and railway stations sorted out and updated the number, time and exit of medium-and high-risk incoming trains in a timely manner to ensure precise docking. "At present, we have adopted various means such as loudspeakers, billboards and electronic screens to remind passengers to wear masks, show their health codes and declare their health on their own. Station staff also timely reminded passengers who did not wear masks to ensure that everyone wore masks and did a good job of protection.

Under normal prevention and control, how can hospitals play the role of checkpoints?   Staff, patients and their companions should take strict personal protection to prevent cross infection during observation. All staff of fever clinics for high-risk groups such as fever patients from inbound, medium-risk areas and high-risk areas in China, as well as centralized isolation points, shall be registered and registered, strictly closed loop management, and single rooms shall be arranged to live together during the working period. Transportation shall be ensured between the residence and fever clinics "point to point".

According to the requirement of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in wuhan city, airport, bus terminal, port passenger cars, hotel, restaurant, business super, scenic spots, site, indoor entertainment venues and other public places to sweep to the service object and practitioners code temperature measurement, personal protection, nucleic acid detection, vaccination, and so on and so forth checking evaluation, so as to find and eliminate the potential risks in the work on time.

In view of the current epidemic situation, in order to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy of "preventing imported cases from abroad and preventing rebound at home", people are advised not to leave China or go to medium-high risk areas or areas with reported cases. If they must go, they should check the prevention and control measures of their destination before traveling。

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