You can get infected if you've already been vaccinated, so what's the point?

  • 2021-06-02
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No vaccine has a 100 percent protection rate

Even with vaccination, it is not possible to avoid 100% novel coronavirus infection."Not only the new coronavirus vaccine, but all the vaccines currently available can not be 100%, so we should not think that the completion of the vaccine is an absolute insurance."

Why is that?People's constitutions vary, and the immune response to the vaccine varies, with some people having high antibody titers and others having low ones, Dr. Chen said. "So when people with low antibody titers come into contact with the virus again, if they have a large viral load, the risk of infection is higher."In addition, there is the possibility of infection if you encounter a mutation that the immune system cannot quickly recognize.

"The role of the vaccine is not to let you 100 percent away from novel coronavirus, but to let you re-infection, the overall symptoms of the disease, progress will become light, slow, become the general type of infected people, but will not progress for severe, critical disease, so that the risk of complications, death risk greatly reduced."That, Chen Erzhen says, is the biggest point of vaccination.

More people still need to be vaccinated to form an immune barrier

The benefits of vaccination are related not only to vaccination protection rates, but also to vaccination rates. According to Huang, the typical characteristics of the Xi 'an case are mild symptoms, short course of disease and low infectivity, which suggests that the vaccine is effective in protecting close contacts of vaccinators as well as those vaccinated. "At the mass population level, the vaccine protects not only the individual, but also the population. It protects the individual who cannot be vaccinated because of the contraindication, and the minority who are vaccinated but cannot develop antibodies.

You can still transmit COVID-19 after vaccination

The main goal of any vaccine is to prevent disease.But preventing disease is not the same as preventing infection.

The effectiveness of these vaccines is exactly what we need - they significantly reduce the risk of people getting seriously ill from COVID-19, and that's the most important thing.But we don't fully understand how effective these vaccines are in preventing infection in the first place.""That doesn't mean the vaccine can't prevent infection," Dr. Drews explained.We're just not sure that's the case."

This means that even if you are vaccinated, you can still become infected and pass the virus on to others -- and if you are infected, the person you infect may be both unvaccinated and at high risk of serious illness. 

   WHO experts said that although some new coronavirus vaccines have been rolled out and started vaccination, it is still not clear whether the vaccine can prevent human infection with coronavirus, so people should continue to wear masks and maintain social distance even if they have been vaccinated.

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