Head Loop KN95 5 Layer Face Mask

  • Model: CTPL-0027 with valve
  • Specification: 16*10.2cm
  • Certification: FDA, GB2626-2019
  • Daily Output: 400,000 pcs
  • Packing Method: 2 pcs/bag, 30 pcs/box, 32 boxes/carton
  • Small Box Size: 20*13*11cm
  • Carton Size: 43.5*41.5*45.5cm
  • Single Box Weight: 0.322kg
  • Single Carton Weight: 11.6kg
  • Expiration date:2 years
  • Storage condition :storage temperature is -30℃~+70℃ and the relative humidity is lower than 80%

The KN95 exhalation valve mask can adjust the nose band to fit any face shape, easy to wear comfortable.

The KN95 mask with 1 exhalation valves remove carbon dioxide and excess moisture. Helps easy to breathe and remove water vapor.

5-layer filtered KN95 exhalation valve masks protect you and your family from viruses.

1. Our KN95 Face Mask is  similar to the American N95 certified mask.

2. KN95 is an industrial manufacturing standard meaning our masks are effective against 95% of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers or larger. Properly worn masks can protect very well against PM10, PM2.5, and smaller particles.

3. BFE>95% (Bacterial filtration efficiency).

4. This mask features an Exhalation valve that can useful in dissipating humidity, heat, and carbon dioxide from the inside of KN95 respirator facepiece and decrease exhalation resistance, making the respirator more comfortable and less demanding for the user to breath.


Not-woven Outer Layer + Filter Paper Layer + Skin Friendly Not-woven Inner Layer.Breathable And Comfortable,Low Breathing Resistance.


Comfortable head ear-loop, extra-soft head loops eliminate pressure to the head.You Feel Comfortable With Periods Of Time Usage.this Disposed。


Inset With Bendable Metal Nose Strips Freely Adjust Shape According To Face Shape,Increase Facial Fit,Adjustable According To Nose Height.


Perfect when travelling through congested airports, bus terminals, malls, parks , and busy city streets.

Product Details


- Not for children

- Should be stored in a cool and dry place

- Should be used immediately once removed from bag and should not be placed on any dirty surface

- Should never be used if it is visibly damaged or contaminated

- Should not be used more than once

- Should be disposed away properly after 1 use

- It does not cure any medical conditions; it is intended to be used as a means of protection and prevention only

We're China factory with ISO, specialized in the production of 5 layers of protective KN95 masks and disposable masks, children masks, protective masks.

It is equipped with 14 facemask production all-in-one machines and related supporting sealing machines and other production equipment. It is equipped with inspection equipment and personnel matching the technical requirements of the products.

1. Nine production lines of KN95 protective masks, with a daily capacity of 500,000.

2. There are 5 production lines of planar masks, with a daily capacity of 800,000.

If you need more information of our company profile and production video, please check, on this link on website.

1: Select the correct respirator size which you were fitted.

2: Place your palm through the loops of your respirator and cup it over your face.

3: Position the respirator to cover the nose and chin.

4: With one hand holding the respirator, use the other hand to place the first strap onto the crown of the head (above the ears), then place the second strap onto the back of the neck.

5: Using two fingers of both hands, press down the metal piece according to the contour of your nose bridge. (NEVER PINCH THE METAL PIECE!)

6: With both hands over the respirator, exhale strongly to check for leakage around it.

7: Leakage is evident when your hair moves during the strong exhale. If wearing glasses, fogging of the glasses indicate leakage.

8: If air leak is noted, adjust respirator, straps, and nose piece before testing again.


To Remove The Respirator

1: With both hands, slowly lift the bottom strap from around your neck up and over your head.

2: Lift off the top strap. Do not touch the respirator.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified: It sets a global standard for Quality Management Systems and ensures their efficiency for products, services, and international supply chains. It embodies the best practices of Quality Management and Quality certification.

The CNAS accreditation scopes for competence in testing masks, gloves, medical protective clothing and other personal protective equipment for the use of Epidemic prevention, cover both Chinese standards and some foreign standards such as USA.

FDA Registered Facility: FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is responsible for regulating firms who manufacture, repackage, relabel, and/or import medical devices sold in the United States. Our facility underwent FDA inspections to assure compliance with the FDA requirements before it was listed as a registered facility.

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