Can non-medical masks protect against COVID 19 pandemic ?

  • 2021-08-02
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         The reason why the mask can block bacteria and viruses is mainly achieved by the filtration layer of the mask. The material of the filtration layer is microfiber formed by high-temperature melt-blown, which can effectively block droplets and dust, isolate bacteria and viruses and play a protective role.

         Masks without medical protection can also be used to prevent the novel coronavirus, but at a higher level of protection. For example, some dust masks, such as N95, KN95above the standard can block the virus bacteria, can prevent novel coronavirus, but the protection effect is poor. If medical supplies are not available, you can opt for this type of mask. But other gauze masks, cotton masks don't work. Mask is only one aspect of prevention, but also to pay attention to hygiene, usually wash hands, the home to regularly use disinfectant disinfection. Pay attention to diet and improve immunity.

          Proper wearing of disposable masks can play a role in virus isolation, because masks have the function of dustproof and droplet prevention, which can well isolate the dust, toxic substances, particles and droplet in the air to the outside of the respiratory tract, and will not affect normal breathing. There are many kinds of viruses in the world, each virus is different, and the current novel coronavirus can be reduced by wearing a mask. However, for medical workers, wearing masks alone cannot play a role in isolation, and it is also necessary to wear goggles and protective clothing to isolate the virus, because novel coronavirus can be transmitted through conjunctiva, wounds and secretions. For ordinary people, wearing a surgical mask correctly can play a role in isolating the virus. If you often contact with patients with high fever or a large number of strangers, you need to wear an KN95 mask

    Disposable masks do not protect against viruses, but they can be worn properly to reduce the transmission of droppings. If you do not go to places with large numbers of people, you can use them and replace them after four hours of use.

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