The Strongest Novel Coronavirus Variant

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  • 2021-11-29
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"In order to live with the virus and continue our daily lives, we need to take the vaccine-plus approach." "Warned Hans Krueger, director of the WHO's European office. Who urged countries not to rely solely on vaccination, but to wear masks, social distancing and good hygiene practices. It estimates that more than 160,000 deaths from Novel coronavirus infections could be prevented by next spring if 95% of the population wear face masks


In mid-to-late November, Europe is once again facing a severe COVID-19 pandemic. Countries such as Germany and Denmark are reporting new daily new cases of COVID-19, while the number of infections in the UK remains high. On November 22, Austria became the first country in Western Europe to re-impose a nationwide lockdown. The new strain has an unprecedented number of mutations compared to the original virus, potentially making it resistant to existing COVID-19 vaccines. The UK immediately updated its quarantine measures, banning flights from South Africa and five neighboring countries from entering the country and requiring those with travel history to undergo nucleic acid tests and be quarantined.


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says the EU will recommend that member states temporarily suspend flights from southern Africa to Europe. Many European countries are experiencing a fourth wave of the outbreak, with a significant increase in confirmed cases, and the Delta strain remains the most widespread. As the United States and Europe enter the winter season and the Christmas holidays approach, indoor gatherings are increasing, leading health authorities to worry that the virus will spread faster.


As we can see that, the new Omicron virus has grown up at soaring rate, What we can do in daily life is to observe the rules of anti-virus in local government and wear protective face masks and daily pre-measures to protect yourself.

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