How Long Can KN95 Face Mask Be Used ?

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  • 2022-02-22
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Which mask offers more protection? How long can the KN95 mask be used? Do you want a breathing valve? These are hot questions we get from every clients. Here we mainly talk about the KN95 masks.

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Children's kn95 face masks are divided into two types, children's protective masks and children's hygiene masks. Children's protective masks are mainly vertical in shape and have good adhesion, which can prevent the inhalation of micro-organisms, droplets, dust, pollen and other particles. They can be used in environments with moderate pollution or potential moderate risks. For example, it can be used in stations, public transportation, airports, supermarkets and other scenarios during haze days, flu season and major public health emergencies.


Children's health masks are mainly planar and have good comfort. They can block the inhalation of microorganisms, droplet, dust, pollen and other particles. They can be used in the first pollution or the first risk environment. For example, everyday cold, flu, pollen season, and general public health events in restaurants, workplaces, and dormitories.

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"Parents can choose different masks for their children on different occasions according to their needs. When children wear KN95 masks or FFP2 face mask, parents should pay attention to the following aspects. First of all, before children wear masks, they must carefully read and correctly understand our mask instructions with the help of parents. At the same time, parents should pay close attention to children wearing masks at all times, and children should not engage in horseplay or exercise of moderate or higher intensity during wearing masks.


If children feel uncomfortable or have allergies while wearing masks, they should take off the masks in time and seek medical advice if necessary. In summer, it's important to keep masks dry during wear, he said. "If a mask gets wet, parents should replace it with a dry one, and it is not recommended to reuse the mask after washing it. Parents should also be careful not to let their children swap masks if they wear them."

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