How To Deal With The Waste Disposable Masks ?

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  • 2021-11-09
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Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, experts have called on people not to go out as much as possible. If they need to go out in special circumstances, they must wear face mask. As the holidays end in the coming days, many people will return to their normal life, going to work or school is essential.


Predictably, when the population began to move, disposable masks filled with saliva, bacteria and viruses appeared. Are there hidden dangers with these masks? Can you throw it in the trash? How to deal with it?


Masks are there to isolate the virus, and if they are not handled effectively, they may cause infection among cleaning staff. In particular, carelessly discarded masks may be blown away by the wind, leaving the virus everywhere. Therefore, in order to deal with the pneumonia epidemic of novel coronavirus infection and ensure the harmless disposal of medical waste such as masks, relevant departments and institutions require standardized, scientific and strictly prohibited disposal and take measures to ensure that masks do not transmit the virus.

There are several steps to dispose of used masks:

1. Fold the mask in half, with the side close to your mouth and nose facing outward. Because the external side of the isolation of a lot of external bacteria and viruses, to prevent the cleaning staff infection, to put the harmful side inside;

2. Fold the mask twice in half, then bind it with the hanging ropes on both sides to prevent the mask from opening loosely;

3. Put it in a sealed bag, and spray alcohol for disinfection if conditions permit. Seal the bag and throw it into a special medical dustbin or harmful dustbin.

If you already have fever, cough and other symptoms, do not throw common waste protective face masks around, go to the hospital as soon as possible, and throw the discarded masks into the medical trash can.

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