New Requirements For Wearing Face Masks

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  • 2021-09-02
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In view of the current characteristics of the novel coronavirus strain and the epidemic characteristics of the population, the National Health Commission issued the Guidelines on wearing masks for the Public. In addition to wearing  face masks in closed places, masks are also required in outdoor places such as crowded plazas, theaters and parks.


Standardize the use and storage of masks

The new guidelines again regulate the proper use, storage and cleaning of masks. The public should pay attention to the following daily matters:

One is to wear the mask correctly, ensure that the mask covers the mouth, nose and chin, and the nose clip is compacted;

Second, masks should be replaced in time when they are dirty, deformed, damaged or peculiar smell. The cumulative wearing time of each mask(  such as KN95 mask , FFP2 mask3 ply face mask) should not exceed 8 hours.

Third, it is not recommended to reuse masks used on inter-regional public transportation or in hospitals.

Fourth, masks that need to be reused should be hung in clean, dry and ventilated places when not in use;

Fifth, during the period of wearing a mask, if there is any discomfort such as tightness or shortness of breath, you should immediately go to an open and ventilated place to remove the mask;

Sixth, carry spare masks when going out and store them in the original packaging bags or clean storage bags to avoid extrusion and deformation. Discarded masks are classified as other garbage treatment.

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