SGS Test Report For Children Protective Colorful Masks

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  • 2022-02-11
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Connexions had achieved SGS CE Certification For Children Protective Colorful Masks  on Jan 27th ,2022. 

Connexions Technology was founded in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of disposable face mask ,FFP2 mask, KN95 mask, 3D fish-shaped mask,cup style mask , 3ply masks for kids , reusable mask , nitrile gloves ,pvc gloves ,etc. Connexions Technology acquired an international quality management standard of ISO9001-2015 to provide customers with high quality products and values, all of Connexions Technology’s team members are participating in ISO9001 system. Our products have been rated with SGS CE B2+C+D , FDA and meet GB2626-2019 ,GB/T 32160-2016 standard. Approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China in the " white list "for export.


Connexions Technology has more than 200 employees, with more than 20 professional technical and quality team members. At present, There are 15 pcs production all-in-one machines and related supporting sealing machines and other production equipment. There are 10 production lines of KN95 protective mask with a daily capacity of 8000,000 pcs, 5pcs disposable protective masks production line, daily capacity of 500,000pcs. Our masks are exported to Japan, United States, Germany, France, India and other more than twenty countries, so Connexions Technology has contribute to fight against Covid-19 in worldwide.


KN95 Products


Our KN95 protective mask comes in five layers of protection. Two of the layers are melt-blown, while the remaining three are non-woven. The water-resistant KN95 has a six-layer construction and is also equipped with activated charcoal to help prevent odor. The design is sleek and comfortable, making it ideal for everyday use. Moreover, it does not restrict the airflow. This makes it a popular choice for many employees. Moreover, is available in various varieties. The most popular one is the connexions KN95 CTPL-0020. This mask is lightweight and has two premium quality melt-blown cotton filters. It also has a non-woven cellulose inner lining. The design is convenient, and it fits into the pocket or purse. The design is comfortable, and it is lightweight enough to wear in your day-to-day life. 


The KN95 is an FDA-approved protective mask. It offers superior protection from particles and pathogens. The N95 has over 95% filtration efficiency. It is available in pink, blue, and white. It is easy to wear and doesn't restrict airflow. A KN95 mask is a must-have for any job. The N95 also features a nose clip and elastic ear-loops.

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