Stay Safe and Breathe Easier With These Face Masks for Running

  • 2021-03-18
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By now, each of us has a pile of face masks lying around. Your average surgical mask will work just fine for a trip to the grocery store, but when lacing up for a run (or any other form of exercise), you need something that’s designed for performance. A good running face mask won’t slide down as you move or overly restrict your ability to breathe, and it should also dry quickly, wick sweat, and withstand multiple washes.

Whether you’re squeezing in a quick jog over lunch or pushing for a PR over the weekend, they’ll keep you safe without smothering you. 

Known for lacrosse gear, StringKing also makes exercise-friendly face masks. They offer a great fit thanks to their choice of elastic ear loops: standard or adjustable (with a small rubber slider). Two layers of California-grown Supima cotton fabric hold up wash after wash and give the mask a soft feel against your skin, though it’s not as breathable as some synthetic fabrics. On the plus side, these masks are very affordable—a great pick for stocking up.  Check  out at :  

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