The Difference Between Civilian Mask And Medical Mask

  • 2021-10-21
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Do Non-medical masks protect against the virus :

Non medical masks do not protect against viruses, which are flat and can block droplets, dust, gases, odors, etc., but they cannot block viruses. Disposable civilian masks have three layers, of course, there are two layers, two layers do not consider buying, the protective effect is not good.


The difference between civilian and medical masks : main difference is in the protection effect.

1. Masks For Civilian Use

The main functions of civilian masks are dustproof, warmth, sun protection and fashion. Some can be used repeatedly, and some are disposable. Can prevent dust, gas, odor, droplet. But it doesn't protect against germs like those surgical face masks in function.


2. Medical Masks

Connexions' medical face masks shall be classified into medical protective masks, surgical masks and ordinary medical masks. Surgical masks cannot be used repeatedly. Their main function is to block bacteria and viruses. Common surgical masks, which are ear-mounted or worn at the back of the head, offer better protection than ordinary disposable masks. Both medical protective masks and surgical masks have protective effects. In terms of comfort and cost performance, surgical masks are still the best choice.

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