Wear masks in winter glasses fog?

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  • 2021-11-10
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In winter many people are obsessed with wearing a mask glasses fog if are working in cycling, glasses of fog in the line of sight is not clear not only with inconvenient there are no safety concerns.

After the epidemic, Kanglishen used high-quality water-electricity grade melt-blown cloth to produce disposable anti-fog visual masks, which greatly improved the performance of masks.Due to the low resistance, good air permeability and easy breathing, masks are suitable for wearing glasses and deaf and dumb people.In addition to ensuring the filtering efficiency of bacteria and particulate matter, it can ensure small respiratory resistance, improve the comfort of wearing for a long time, and effectively improve the problems such as excessive respiratory resistance and eye fog caused by exhaled air flowing out of the mask.

Wear Anti-Fog masks correctly

The correct way to wear a mask is to place the white side inside and close to the face. Under normal circumstances, masks of different colors are colored on the outside side, such as blue, pink, purple, etc., which need to face out. In addition, the white side of the mask is not as dirty as the blue side and is less harmful to the human body without staining. The blue medical mask is composed of a mask body and a tension band. The mask body is divided into inner, middle and outer layers. The inner layer is skin-friendly, the middle layer is an isolation and filtering layer, and the outer layer is a special bacteriostatic layer. The mask is hydrophobic and breathable, and has a significant filtering effect on tiny viral aerosols or harmful fine dust, but it is difficult to filter OUT PM10 and PM2.5.

Preparation: Wash hands thoroughly before wearing a mask. Wear: flat mask; Pull your hands flat towards your face and pinch the nose clip to keep the mask close to your face. Hold the mask with your left hand and wrap the cord around your ear with your right hand. Hold the mask with the right hand and wrap the cord around the ear with the left hand. Pull the edge of the mouth up and down with both hands to cover your eyes and chin. Press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands so that the upper end of the mask is close to the bridge of the nose and stretch the mask downward so that there are no wrinkles.

Masks should not be worn for long periods of time. Because the nasal cavity mucous membrane blood circulation is very vigorous, the passage in the nasal cavity is very tortuous, when the air is inhaled into the nostrils, the airflow forms a vortex in the tortuous passage, so that the airflow inhaled into the nasal cavity is heated. If a mask is worn for a long time, it will weaken the nasal mucosa and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, usually for no more than eight hours.

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