What Are The Requirements of Face Mask "Triple" Protection ?

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  • 2021-08-27
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In light of the current situation of the epidemic, the key sites and units involved have been further stressed to carry out the main responsibility, adhere to the "human, material and environment prevention" and "closed-loop management", and strengthen the requirements of health monitoring, vaccination, nucleic acid testing, cleaning and disinfection, and emergency response measures.


For the key groups involved, occupational workers in relevant industries, especially those on the front line, should strictly comply with the protection requirements such as wearing disposable blue earloop face masks, vaccination and disinfection, and ensure that all prevention and control measures are in place.


Strengthen ventilation at home, do a good job of cleaning and disinfection, pay attention to personal hygiene, and timely seek medical treatment when symptomatic; When going out, people should wear face masks, do a good job in personal protection, strengthen hand hygiene, keep a safe distance, and avoid going to crowded places, parties, dinners and other activities. What are the new changes in the prevention and control measures for shopping malls, swimming, fitness and other life services?


First, temperature detection and health code verification have been added. Only those with normal temperature and health code can enter. Second, the management measures are refined, and humanized management measures such as service guidance are proposed for the elderly who do not use or cannot operate smart phones. Third, the protection level of staff should be improved. Staff should wear 3 layer surgical masks or masks of higher protection level such as face mask kn95, FFP2 masks at all times.


Recent outbreaks in some cities are closely related to open or semi-open performance venues in tourist attractions. This may be due to the relaxation of personal protection by the public in such places and the fact that the venues do not effectively control the number of spectators, increasing the risk of a cluster outbreak.

In view of the above problems, the first is to do a good job of admission detection and registration, strict gate control, the entrance of the personnel to check the health code and temperature check "double registration", only normal people can enter. Second, the staff vaccination should be completed, the establishment of staff health monitoring system, there are symptoms of timely medical treatment.

Third, strictly implement the personnel booking restrictions, promote online real-name ticket purchase and electronic tickets, encourage the use of online payment, and minimize direct contact. Fourth, strengthen on-site inspection, arrange special personnel to do a good job in on-site management, remind the audience to wear kn95 face masks correctly, take seats according to the number, and keep a safe distance. Cancel the live interaction before and after the performance.

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