What is the difference between children's medical masks and ordinary masks?

  • 2021-07-27
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        Medical masks generally fall into three categories: cotton yarn masks, medical surgical masks and N95 masks. They are comfortable, odorless, do not irritate the skin and do not contain glass fibers. And the ordinary mask is the fiber mask, which is our common gauze mask.

1. Different layers

Medical masks are composed of mask facials and tension bands. The facials are divided into three layers: inner layer, middle layer and outer layer. Ordinary medical masks are common gauze masks with four layers, eight layers and sixteen layers.

2. Different protective effects

Ordinary masks are used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth, in order to prevent harmful gases, odors, droplets in and out of the wearer's nose and mouth.

Medical masks are comfortable, tasteless, fiber-free, non-irritating to the skin, waterproof, and can kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms on the vectors after disinfection, so that they can achieve harmless; And it can be dustproof, because of small respiratory resistance, wear health, the aerosol, dust, smoke, fog drops, poison gas and poisonous steam through filter adsorption, block and not be inhaled by people, effectively isolate pollution sources.

Medical masks are generally divided into three categories: cotton yarn masks, medical surgical masks and N95 masks. Their characteristics are as follows:

1. Cotton gauze mask: it can prevent some viruses from invading, but it has poor facial tightness and low anti-virus efficiency.

2. Medical and surgical masks are divided into three layers, with the outer layer blocking water, the middle layer blocking 5μm particles in the air more than 90%, and the inner layer absorbing moisture.

3. N95 medical protective mask: N95 is certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Institute of the United States. N refers to non-oily particulate matter, 95 refers to the filtration rate of 95% under the standard detection conditions, with good tightness.

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