Will School Be Open NormallyThis Fall? How To Do Personal Protection ?

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  • 2021-08-27
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Three hard and fast criteria for students returning to school in the fall semester:

1. Students who fail to meet local epidemic prevention and control requirements are not allowed to return to school;

2. Those who fail to implement all prevention and control measures will not be allowed to return to school;

3. If the effective emergency plan and drill are not implemented in place, the students will not be allowed to return to school.


What should schools do to prepare for the opening of the school ?

1. Schools should work out a back-to-school work plan based on COVID-19 prevention and control requirements and local and school conditions, so as to achieve "one school for one case". Clear registration arrangements, detailed epidemic prevention and control measures, and emergency preparedness;

2. Fully grasp the travel and residence history and health status of teachers and students and staff before the school begins, and establish a standing account;

3. Stockpile necessary epidemic prevention and control materials; Such as  3 ply face mask, kn 95 face mask this of medical grade face masks.

4. Accurately grasp the novel coronavirus vaccination situation of teachers, students and staff, and urge them to "receive as many vaccines as possible", and complete the whole inoculation as soon as possible;

5. Do a good job in environmental sanitation, ventilation and disinfection of the school;

6. Set up emergency disposal points and standardize the emergency disposal process.


How to ensure the orderly and safe opening of the school ?

1. Students and staff with residence and travel history in low-risk areas within 14 days prior to the start of the semester shall register with the green code of health code and travel code and the 14-day self-health monitoring report;

2. Live in an area with high school risk; Health code and travel code are yellow code and red code; There are fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste) decreased, diarrhea and other symptoms; The teachers, students and staff who have been infected with NOVEL coronavirus since July 2021 should postpone entering the school, implement nucleic acid testing and health management measures in accordance with the requirements of the regional joint prevention and control mechanism (headquarters), and return to school only after being evaluated and agreed by the local health department. After returning to school, health monitoring should continue.

3. Schools should start at the wrong time and peak, organize registration in an orderly way, and avoid gathering;


How can teachers, students and staff protect themselves ?

1. It is important to fully understand the long-term, complex and dangerous nature of COVID-19, enhance the awareness and capacity of prevention and control;

2. Monitor your health daily;

3. Wear masks at all times on public transport;

4. Avoid crowded and relatively confined places as far as possible, and wear KN95 masks in public places;

5. At present, there are still medium-high risk areas in Zhangjiajie, where teachers, students and employees are not allowed to go out of the city unless necessary.


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