Novel Coronavirus Mutation, Wash Hands Mask Can Not Stop!

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  • 2021-08-21
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Although the daily number of new confirmed cases has begun to decline as vaccination efforts continue, the large number of confirmed cases in the United States and the rapidly spread of the novel coronavirus strains have been detected throughout the United States making it impossible to take precautions. The mutant novel coronavirus strain, which first struck wealthier and older individuals, then spread to younger and lower-income communities in a second wave of the outbreak.


"Measures such as wearing KN95 masks and washing hands are mainly used to prevent the spread of the virus, but as the virus becomes more contagious, the (mutated) virus becomes more able to bypass these barriers." At present, a new wave of COVID-19 is coming, North America, Europe, India, Brazil... Novel Coronavirus has started its second round of attack on our planet.


On the U.S. mainland, the death toll from COVID-19 reached the daunting figure of 200,000 last week. For China, which has won the initial victory in the protest, it is not far from time to relax. Facing the fight against the epidemic and the mutation of the virus, China will face a great risk of importation. The situation of epidemic prevention and control is not optimistic.


Everyone will have to stick to their prevention and control habits. Otherwise, all the efforts that have been made will be for nothing. What the most impotant for us is to remember to wear disposable face masks when we have to go out and take transportation. The overseas Chinese, who have been struggling for more than half a year since the outbreak of the epidemic in China at the beginning of the year, are completely exhausted.


As soon as the epidemic is over, people will be able to go to work and go to school normally. They will have the time that looks dull but is precious when they look back. Therefore, To hamper this infectious cases, we believe the daily wearing medical face mask is still can't too be negelected.

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